Public proposals for Call for transnational, collaborative, inter-/transdisciplinary research projects on ICT-enabled agri-food systems

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Data-intensive monitoring and tracking of outdoor pigs for better decision making and animal welfare
In conventional indoor pig housing, IT solutions have already been developed to successfully evaluate animal behavior and/or production parameters without disturbing the animals. As...
Marta Alexy
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AgriFood in Greece and Traceability Technologies
The group will investigate the use of Traceability and Information Technologies in promoting traditional Agrifoods of Greece.
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Nir Shaked
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Data-driven workflows for analyzing and predicting grassland traits: Application of cloud computing, artificial intelligence, spectral sensors and mini drones
Grassland ecosystems have extremely variable parameters since they are influenced by soil and weather conditions as well as...
Hamed Mehdipoor
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Development of Agricultural Soil FBG Sensors
Of the overall arable lands, 23% of the world’s cultivated area is currently under salinity risk. Thus, preventing soil salinity with smart agricultural applications is listed as one of the most highlighted and urgent headlines of global...
Senem Seven
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digitization of citrus production systems from farm to table
digitization of citrus production systems from farm to table Trial
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This group aimed to create a mobile application for SME's.
mutlu subaşı
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Autonomous Pest Control Systems
Abstract: In greenhouses, spraying (for pest control) and seedling cutting operations are generally performed manually. Seedlings (fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc.) are arranged in a specific layout. There is a main road line and seedling lines which...
Yilmaz Seckiner
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Relationship between bee colon status and environmental load investigation using drone-mounted spectral cameras in arable crops
Our project involves two agricultural sectors, arable crop production and beekeeping and IT. Practical looking for the answer to a problem. Significant damage...
Marta Alexy
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Bee colon health monitoring and data analysis with artificial intelligence methods
The main goal of the project is to develop the detection of the position of the bee queen in the hive and to develop passive tools for collecting other data and integrate them into smart beehive concept....
Marta Alexy
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We are looking partners that could support us with their technical and R&D skills. ...
Damla Ezgi Uzun
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Environmental and Automated Plant Protection Device
We are looking for partners with agricultural expertise (preferably academic institutions) to cooperate with and to lead our project for the validation of our innovative device, Hi-Maye. We have developed a plant protection device...
Tunjar Asgarli
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[Acknowledge ] Analyse the barriers for agriculture digitization and possible solutions to improve uptake of ICT tools
The main hypothesis that we start from are on one side that in spite of the advanced research and the political initiatives regarding the important use of ICT tools...
Ioana Groza
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AgriShare - Platform for agri food waste and byproduct exploitation in bio based industries
[We are looking for end users in Bio based production and agri food production or other parts in the agri food supply chain. If interested send me an email to ] ...
Vasileios Papadakis
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AGRIFOOD Assistent
The consortium is created to elaborate a proposal in the call ICT-AGRI-FOOD that will develop an inteligent system for supporting researchers, agrifoodstuff operators and their staff in order to increase the performance and competitivity in this field.
Mircea Curila
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Farm to Table
Turkey is one of the leading producers of raisins in the world. Raisins Differences between organic and conventional production are listed extensively in the literature. Organic farming is known to use no chemical fertilizers, is less energy intensive and supports...
Tufan Turp
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AgAPP-e: Agriculture’s digital Analyser of Production, and its Phosphorus efficiency
Phosphorus (P) is a most important resource in Agriculture that is depleting and 100% imported. Therefore, P substance flows have become increasingly important over the past fifteen years and the EU...
Demet Seyhan
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Real-Time Monitoring/Digital Sharing on ICT Platforms for Bacterial Contaminations in Air in Poultry Farms and Slaughter Houses
The technological objective of this project is to develop “specialized air collectors/analysers” for realtime detection/monitoring of bacterial contaminations...
Erhan Piskin
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AT-4.0-PFE – An agent, hexa-rotor tricopter multifunctional for precision farming environment
The structure of the project contains three parts: software, hardware and applications for 4.0-agriculture. ...
Grigore CICAN
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Developing the Sustainable Supply Chain System
The agricultural sector has an important share in both job creation and foreign trade transactions and therefore very important for the country's economy. ...
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Jari Isohanni
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Smart irrigation
ICT platform development for supporting data-based, static and dinamic soil information driven agriculture to manage, optimize agricultural production and monitor the impacts on the soil system.
Endre Dobos
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Smart Integration of Analytical Data for the Excellence of AGRI-FOOD System
This proposal aims to offer a new digital tool for use in agri-food system that includes a developed technology for data storage and sharing, distributed ledger technology and database. This unique tool will...
Laura Borgese
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