Applicants may submit a review request no later than 30 days after receiving the eligibility/evaluation result. Only one request per proposal will be considered at each evaluation stage. Coordinators should coordinate the need for complaints.
Complaints can be related to:
- unfair treatment,
- eligibility check procedure,
- evaluation procedure.

The scientific and technical judgement of the international experts will not be called into question.

An independent observer will examine the requests for review submitted by the applicants. If a complaint concerning an eligibility issue is judged valid by the observer, the project will be re-integrated into the selection process. If a complaint concerning an evaluation issue is judged valid by the observer, the re-evaluation of the project will be carried out only if the shortcoming could modify the selection/funding decision. The decision of the observer and the evaluation score following any re-evaluation will be regarded as definitive.
To submit a complaint, please fill out Page 2 of this template, sign it and send it to: