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Ministry of agricultural, food and forestry policies

Funding details

Call : Call for transnational, collaborative, inter-/transdisciplinary research projects on ICT-enabled agri-food systems

Country specific: Funding is restricted to organisations from Italy

Funding: €300,000

Conditions full:

Eligibility criteria:

  1. Applicant eligibility

National public research institutions as well as no-profit private bodies can be funded, under the condition that “performing research activities” and not only “promoting or supporting research activities” must be present among their institutional and statutory scopes. Furthermore SME’s and other organisms with different statutory nature may participate at their own (or other external) resources, proven that they provide the project an added value. The same research institution (but not the same person/research group) can apply for more than 1 project in both topics.

  1. Financing and cost eligibility

In defining cost of the projects national applicants must refer to regulations indicated in the standing User’s Manual

The selected national institutions will be financed up to 99% of the approved eligible costs.

- Eligible costs

A) Personnel

1) Salaries For public institutions/universities only non-permanent scientific staff; for private no-profit institutions also permanent scientific staff; administrative staff can be included only in the coordination activity, if the research unit is also coordinator.

2) Travel expenses for permanent and non permanent staff declared in the project

B) Consumables

C) External activity costs – advisory/consultant services, services supply (scientific, logistics for meetings, devices and machine rent and/or , etc.)

The costs at point C) need to be indicated and detailed as “Other costs” in the financial plan of the joint call application form (online submission)

D) Equipments – Only use cost (related to the project duration) for scientific equipment will be reimbursed.

E) Overheads – no more than 12% of the total amount of the above mentioned costs (A+B+C+D)

F) Coordination - if the Italian institution is also playing the role of coordinator the eligible costs are those indicated in the User’s manual.  In the joint call Mipaaf will pay the coordination cost calculated on the total request of the project, including the amount not paid with national resources.


  1. National document to be presented

By the pre-proposal application deadline no documents have to be submitted to Mipaaf by  applicant public institutions, other than the application through the online joint call submission platform. But no-profit private research bodies participating in a project proposal must send, by the application deadline, copy of the documents stating their research mission (statute and/or articles of incorporation or memorandum of association, etc.) to this following PEC: (Office DISR IV)

specifying in the object “ICT AGRIFOOD Cofund joint Call 2019 - documenti bando – ente privato”.

After the funding decision, and the official communication by the Call Office to the coordinator of the winning projects, Mipaaf DISR4 will request to each Italian research unit of the selected projects to fill in the national template necessary to apply for the granted contribution.

These forms must be written in Italian and follow the standing User’s Manual and any other specifications reported in the letter that Mipaaf will send for the implementation of the national grant.


National/regional topic priorities:

Mipaaf funds research projects within all topics of the call with a  total  budget of 300.000 €


More details in the national/regional call announcement:

The call announcement is also at national website

Contact person(s):
serenella puliga