Expert evaluation guide

Call information


Choose Evaluations in the left side menu. You will then see a list of the proposals you are requested to evaluate. 

Conflict of interest / Expertise

Click Create in the Conflict column. You will get a new page with information about the consortium and a summary of the proposal. If you can declare

  • No concerning conflict of interest
  • Yes concerning expertise
  • Yes concerning non-disclosure
click Save to proceed. Otherwise give the appropriate response and indicate the reason in the Comment field before saving; you will not be allowed to proceed


Click Create in the Eval column. You will get a form with several fields.

The link View application with Description of work lets you read the application containing

  • Title, Id and Acronym
  • Consortium (partners and budgets)
  • Topics
  • Summary
  • Duration
  • Supplementory information (if provided)
  • Description of work: A link to a pdf file
  • Attachments (e.g. letters of support, if provided)
  • Total budget
  • Partner information (Role, Organisation, Experience, Budget)


The evaluation form contains a number of questions, each with possible answers in a select box. Please select the appropriate score to each question. A score will be calculated as you are answering the questions.

Please answer the other questions in the textbox also. If you are not sure about the answers, please write N/A.

Your answers are very important for the further proces of evaluating proposals as wel as the final selection.


Please Save as incomplete if you want to finish the evaluation later. Save as complete when you have finished.