ESA Calls


Since ICT-AGRI 2 there have been fruitful contacts with the European Space Agency ESA. In ICT-AGRI-FOOD, Niels Gøtke (DASHE) and Xenofon Tsilimparis (GRNET) maintain this collaboration, as they have a dedicated task (Task 6.1).

The Agritech is already today making use of space data and satellite navigation (GNSS and the EC's Galileo system) which are core technologies for the development of Precision Agriculture.

The collaboration with ESA has the aim to give input to CAP monitoring and support European companies in making the best use of space data together with other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Unmanned Arial Vehicles (UAV's) or drones and Blockchain. Competitive farming requires the use of adapted innovative technologies, efficient data computing, etc. but an important aspect is also an increased focus towards the development of better decision support systems providing knowledge to the farmer and other stakeholders (operations optimization, strategic acquisition, etc.). New digital technologies such as Satellite Remote Sensing are more than just to substitute current on-the-spot check systems and advance monitoring/controlling farmers practices. These new digital technologies can also be seen as tools that enable farmers to become active within the forthcoming monitoring system seeking out new digital services.


Call on "Responsible Agritech" (Closed December 2020)

Image credit: HQuality

This call aims to stimulate the development of space enabled agritech value chain applications to tackle in a responsible manner the agricultural challenges of 21st century. Three key objectives are defined, in line with the new Common Agricultural Policy:

• Sustainability: agritech applications mitigating impacts on the climate and the environment, landscapes, biodiversity and producing safe and healthy food.

• Fairness: Ensuring decent revenues for farmers (especially those with more difficulties), rebalancing power in food chain, promoting rural areas and attracting young farmers.

• Competitiveness: develop the agritech sector through innovation, digitalization, new technologies, rural development and infrastructure, efficient advisory systems and continuous training.


Call on the analysis of service to detect and prevent Food and Beverage Fraud (Closed February 2021)