Corporación Tecnológica de Andalucía

Funding details

Call : Call for transnational, collaborative, inter-/transdisciplinary research projects on ICT-enabled agri-food systems

Country specific: Funding is restricted to organisations from Spain

Funding: €500,000

Conditions full:

Eligibility criteria:

CTA funds R&D and Technological Innovation business projects submitted by companies in order to enhance their competitiveness. Projects must include applied research, experimental development or innovation activities.

Applicants and beneficiaries: companies, located in Andalusia

Projects must contain applied research (TRL 1-5), experimental development (TRL 6–7) or innovation activities (TRL 8-9)

Subcontracting: 10% of total budget is required to be subcontracted to a Research group from Andalusian University or Andalusian Research Institute

Length of project: 36 months maximum

Project budget: 30.000€ minimum

Eligible Costs: staff, material, durables and equipment depreciation, overhead, subcontracting

Granted activities must have an impact in Andalusia.

Funding conditions:

Funding rate depends on excellence of the proposal:

Consortium with 2 partners from 2 independent Andalusian companies, can be beneficiary of a 5% improvement of its funding

Consortium with 3 or more partners from 3 or more independent Andalusian companies, can be beneficiary of a 10% improvement of its funding

Maximum amount funded will be:

-              60% of eligible costs of the project, for R&D projects

-              50% for innovation projects.

65% of funding will be reimbursable over 10 years from the center of gravity of the project, without allowance. Repayment will start 3 years after the breakeven point of the project.

35% of funding will be a non-reimbursable part.

Final funding decision will be taken by Executive Committee of CTA. Bank guarantee could be requested to beneficiary depending on its financial solvency.


National/regional topic priorities:

Technology Corporation of Andalusia funds research projects within all topics of the call,


More details in the national/regional call announcement:

Contact person(s):
Nathalie Chavrier
María García Alegre