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Promété has developed a wide range of Decision Support Systems available on a web portal called AgroClim.

Based on climatic data, those DSS allow an optimised strategy for chemical application for main arable crops : vineyard (downy mildew, powdery mildew, grape berry moth,...), orchards (apple scab, codling moth, monilia,...), fruits (strawberry powdery mildew), vegetables (potato downy mildew, lettuce downy mildew, asparagus leaf spot, carrot alternaria), crops (european corn borer, septoria, helminthosporia,...)

The climatic data can be provided by the client (existing weather stations), pulled from an official network, Promété can provide professional weather stations (purchasing or renting programs available) or (last but not the least) climatic conditions can be estimated via our full service 'AgroClim virtual weather station' which will estimate real time and up to 7 days forecast weather conditions.

Our service is available world wide as it is web-based and we are actively looking for local demonstration partners in Europe. Expected partners would have the opportunity to experiment our products and services and help us to demonstrate (improve if necessary) the benefit of our solution for local producers.

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