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Future Intelligence

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Future Intelligence Ltd is a telecom engineering SME incorporated in 2009. The company has overpassed “the valley of death” focusing on two main lines of business: short and long range
communications. The company aims at providing sophisticated solutions and it oers tailor made business services in the field of wireless communications, sensor networking, air
navigation systems and cloud computing. Future Intelligence is now commercial launching of its own communication and management platform for the Internet-of-Things (IoT) market while, at the same time, we build on our strong R&D expertise.

Since 2014, Future Intelligence offers a new range of solutions regarding remote management of devices and telemetry. These solution address both the end user and the system integrators providing all necessary wireless modules, electronic devices and software required for interconnecting and managing any type of sensor and/or actuator. These devices based on open source technologies can be easily programmed, they are modular and of low power consumption.

This range of solutions is called FINoT and has the following competitive advantages:

Compatible with the vast majority of known commercial off-the-self (COTS) sensors and actuators(e.g. Honeywell, Maxbotics, Davis, etc.)
Simultaneous interconnection of heterogeneous sensor sand actuators of various types (e.g. light bulb actuator, motion detection sensor, sensor for monitoring garbage collection process etc.)
Wireless communication (Max distance between two sensors can be up to 1Km) and industrial ready-to-use (Control cabinet compatibility)
SensorOnSpot technology compatibility. (Max distance between control and sensor is 100m)
Scalable (up to 10.000 sensors)
Full vertical Solutions
Expandable (SCADA-ready. ERP-ready)
Low cost operation and maintenance

FINoT is a great fit for applications like the following:

Smart city (e.g. street lighting, parking lots, dumpsters, transportation, etc.)
Smart environment (e.g. meteorological sensors, CBRN sensors, fire and smoke detection systems, CO2 and CO measurements etc.)
Water resource management (e.g. quality control, flow, components etc.)
Smart meters (e.g. buildings, industrial facilities, fuel tank level check, doors control, accelerometer management etc.)
Safety (e.g.facility border/fence control, access control, etc.)
Logistics (e.g. transportation, warehouse management, etc.)
Industry (e.g. production systems, energy transmission, power meters, etc.)
Agriculture (e.g. improving / monitoring production, environmental monitoring etc.)
Health (e.g.patients’s health status and near environment monitoring)
Multiple combinations of the above