Agroptima, "The Internet of Fields": smart & mobile farm management software + IoT devices + big data

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Agroptima, "The Internet of Fields": smart & mobile farm management software + IoT devices + big data

Call: Services and Applications for Smart Agriculture

Id: 14894

Acronym: Agroptima

1 March, 2015 to 31 August, 2015

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1 Coord.AgroptimaEmilia Vila VallsSpain117,000.068,500.0SmartAgriFood
2Agro Igualada SCCLXavier BargallóSpain4,000.03,000.0None
3Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE)Jussi NikanderFinland41.629.3Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


Farmers need a software farm management tool to keep record of their activities on the fields, make better decisions based on real data and manage from one place their fields, machines, products, etc.

The reality is that a lot of farmers want to use such a tool, but the problem is that current software tools have a series of deficiencies: they are not mobile, they are hard to use or they are not based on real data, etc. In addition, the machine generated data from their tractors and other devices gets lost. Therefore, most farmers end up making poor decisions, which are not based on data.

Agroptima is a simple and modern mobile APP and a cloud software tool for farmers, designed with farmers. It will have a simple interface and farmers can work from the fields without internet connection. Agroptima allows the farmer to keep record of his activities, crops and to analyze costs, based on real data he gathers with his smartphone. In addition, the cloud will have an API to connect to the machines so machine generated data can be used for further decision making.

The benefits for the farmer:

- Manage his farm efficiently from anywhere
- Save time by keeping records from the field, so when he arrives home most administrative work is done
- Have real data to make better decisions
- Concentrate all his information in one single place
- Be more competitive, by identifying which crops, fields, machines or workers have better productivity. Improve decisions on his inputs, crop planning, investment in machinery, hiring, etc.

The 2 differences between us and other companies who might have a similar idea is that first, we focus on mobile, because agriculture is mobile and second, we focus on use of machine generated data to improve the decision-making of the farmer.

Our vision is to modernize farm management. We think that farmers are the most important player in this challenge, and our tool is designed with them in mind. We now need SmartAgriFood funding to accelerate our development.

Help us make our vision come true!
The Agroptima team

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