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O'Donovan Engineering Co. Ltd

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O'Donovan Engineering Co. Ltd

Electronic Tag Readers EID

XRS Stick Reader EID
-Tracking your animals either visually (ear tags) or electronically (EID tags) with a hand held or panel reader is a critical step in helping you manage the performance of your livestock. These readers work seamlessly with your Tru-Test weigh scales to provide the simple, reliable weighing and EID solution you’re looking for.

XRP Cattle Reader

EziWeigh 5
-Wireless communication with EID readers up to 100 m away, or connect via cable
-Records information against EID and VID tags
-Direct and easy communication with your computer via a USB cable and EziLink™ software

ID3000 Bluetooth
-Fully EID capable
-Up to 10,000 individual animal records
-Alpha-numeric keypad for naming files, entering animal codes and ID numbers

XR3000 Bluetooth
-Fully EID capable
-Up to 50000 individual animal records
-8 x 25 character file data fields with cross reference capabilities