Guide to project mapping

Who can add to project mapping?

The mapping is restricted to ICT-AGRI-FOOD partners and to volunteers with a special permission. Volunteers are warmly welcome. If you wish to volunteer for adding projects, please use the contact form to ask for permission.

How to add projects?

If you have permission to add projects, you will see the link "Add projects / My projects" in the menu. Click this link and use the "Add project" link to get the input form. Fill in the form and save. You can afterwards edit submitted projects by clicking on the title.

Which projects

The mapping should include any project that is related to ICT and robotics for agriculture. Only a weak relation is required.

Required data

Project title, summary and funder are required. There are several optional data fields which should be added when the data are available. 


The project metadata must be in English as it seems extremely difficult to develop a text analysis tool that can work with multiple languages. 


The main sources are funded projects listings in websites of the funding agencies. If the published information is insufficient or inadequate it may be better to take the the metadata directly from the funding agency's database, if possible. The problems with published data may be missing texts in English or heavily popularised projects descriptions.

Funding agencies

Data concerning funding agencies must be entered from a select box. If a funding agency is not already defined, this must be done before the form is saved. Guidelines for defining a funding agency is provided in the form.


The mapping should be concluded by end of May. That will leqve time for the analysis and preparation of presentations at the ICT-AGRI-FOOD workshop in conjunction with the AgEng conference at end of June.