Precision Cow Health Management

Project information
This project seeks to develop innovative 3D imaging technology to enhance the simultaneous measurement of cow body condition score (BCS), liveweight and mobility (gait) as a highly advanced management decision-making tool. The aim is to improve the pace at which these key quality and production traits are identified for animal welfare, sustainability and profitability. The technology will simultaneously and unobtrusively provide stress-free monitoring of incremental changes in individual cow condition and lameness to inform and improve nutrition management, cow health, welfare and productivity leading to increased herd lifespan and more efficient milk production. These traits are currently measured by visual assessment requiring high skill levels and training, but is nevertheless open to the subjectivity of individuals. Our novel imaging technology and web based analysis software will enable the farmer and others in the value chain such as vets, nutritionists and livestock advisers to make use of much more precise, consistent and frequent measurements, creating greater opportunities to improve cow performance and welfare.
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Project Category: Collaborative Research & Development
Project partners: 
Kingshay Farming and Conservation, Glastonbury (Lead Participant, Participant)
University of the West of England Bristol, Bristol (Participant)
Project dates: 
November 2013 to October 2016
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Contact person: 
Helen Frost (Project Manager)
Contact organisation: 
Kingshay Farming and Conservation, Glastonbury (Lead Participant, Participant)
Funding agency: 
Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)