SYIELD: Networked Mimic Sensors for Crop Enhancement & Disease Control

Project information
The project will enable growers to produce more food with fewer inputs, through an integrated farm management strategy. This optimises the Crop Protection (CP) using a network of in-field biosensors which then interact to form a UK, and international, infrastructure. This will be combined with the dual-action disease control and crop enhancement offered by a subset of CP chemistries. Initial adoption will be for Sclerotinia in UK Oil Seed Rape (OSR) integrated with Syngenta's dual-mode Amistar chemistry. UK technology companies will manufacture the sensor nodes which then link, alongside satellite crop-usage data, into a GIS web portal accessible as a commercial service to; farmers, agronomists, government and other agri-food stakeholders.
Project results: 
Project Category: Collaborative Research & Development
Project partners: 
Syngenta Ltd (Lead Participant, Participant)
University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom (Participant)
Rothamsted Research, United Kingdom (Participant)
Uniscan Instruments Limited, Buxton, UK (Participant)
Applied Enzyme Technology Limited, United Kingdom (Participant)
Syngenta Seeds Ltd, Cambridge, United Kingdom (Participant)
DMC International Imaging Limited, Guildford, United Kingdom (Participant)
Velcourt Limited, Stretton (Participant)
Burkard Manufacturing Company Limited, Rickmansworth, United Kingdom (Participant)
Project dates: 
November 2010 to October 2013
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Contact person: 
Ruth Herbert (Project Manager)
Contact organisation: 
Syngenta Ltd (Lead Participant, Participant)
Funding agency: 
Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)