KisanHub/NIAB/NWave Digitisation of Farm Enterprises

Project information
The project undertakes the industrial research required in order to make digitised farm enterprises and food crops a commercial reality, through wireless remote collection of data from multiple in-field sensors in real time. The innovation centres on the connectivity surrounding automatic data capture via a low power wide area wireless network capable of connecting tens of thousands of sensors via a single gateway which can receive transmissions over ranges of up to 20-30 km. The sensor data is aggregated and analysed on a cloud based decision support platform built for farmers and agri-food companies. This sensor data is fed in soil water balance model to improve estimation of soil water depletion in the root zone depth. This allows grower to optimise irrigation schedules and apply water in right quantity at a right time. Apart from sensor data, this software platform is capable of assimilating and aggregating weather observations, commodity market data, satellite imageries, data from farm equipment, regional/national statistics, and social data. Thus farmers will use a single communications platform and single software tool for all of their data feeds.
Project results: 
Project Category: Launchpad
Project partners: 
Arjun Technology Ventures Ltd, Cambridge (Lead Participant, Participant)
NWave Technologies Limited, Haywards Heath (Participant)
Project dates: 
May 2015 to November 2015
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Contact person: 
Giles Barker (Project Manager)
Contact organisation: 
Arjun Technology Ventures Ltd, Cambridge (Lead Participant, Participant)
Funding agency: 
Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)