Integrated decision support for agricultural production

Project information
This project will build a demonstrator to support crop yield improvement by integrating and exploiting plant phenotyping and ‘omics data. This is a strategically important area of unmet need both in the UK and globally, where optimising the combination of inputs, treatments, doses & timings to apply to specific crop strains in a specific growing environment is a massively complex challenge. We will build a semantic knowledge graph of crop strains, traits (both genomic variant and from integrated non-destructive phenotyping technologies), yields, soil conditions and wider growing environment including remote sensing data. We will compile this knowledge model and deploy it as a demo tablet app with a simple decision support UI to allow non-IT specialist growers to identify specific combinations of treatments that enable them to optimise crop yields and minimise wastage of inputs.
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Project Category: Feasibility Study
Project partners: 
RowAnalytics Limited, Oxford (Lead Participant, Participant)
Project dates: 
August 2014 to November 2014
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Steve Gardner (Project Manager)
Contact organisation: 
RowAnalytics Limited, Oxford (Lead Participant, Participant)
Funding agency: 
Innovate UK (formerly Technology Strategy Board)