Project information
Agrivi is the complete farm management software that lets farmers manage all farming activities and data on one place from in depth tracking of all field activities, managing finances and inventory, weather monitoring, powerful farm analytics to smart pest and disease detection. Thousands of farmers from over 135 countries are already using Agrivis core farm management software to achieve resource efficient, profitable and sustainable agricultural production. As a part of FRACTALS project, Agrivi will enrich current farm management solution with integrations to major vendors of smart irrigation, weather stations and soil sensors in order to automate data input, get 100% accuracy for pest and disease alarms and create optimal irrigation plans based on precise soil moisture data and weather forecast.
Project partners: 
Agrivi d.o.o.
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Matija Zulj
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Contact organisation: 
Agrivi d.o.o.
Funding agency: 
Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications