BeeMon Solution

Project information
The BeeMon Sololution is cloud service for surveillance and alerting with the client server access via mobile devices and desktop web based cloud applications. Available platforms Android, IoS, Windows phone, PC. The concept of the BeeMon Solution is to enable a complex insight through all available information (Sensors, internet Web service, knowledge base and information from the user) into the state of the apiary. The beekeeper has continuously available data from its apiary and timely alerting of critical events with an indication of significant changes for the state of the apiary. Collecting and processing data will, through analyzing of the received, predefined and externally obtained data, allow the creation of Alert Event, that seeks a response from the user at the apiary.
Project partners: 
Impact IT Group DOO
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Vladimir Tadic
Contact email: 
Contact organisation: 
Impact IT Group DOO
Funding agency: 
Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications