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The biomass market is in continuous expansion. For example, only German biomass industry has an annual turnover of EUR 9,1 billion (according to EU Biomass Association). 11,5% of EU wood biomass is produced by microsized, 19,9% by small and 27% by medium companies and rest 41,7% by big companies. Also, there exist 12 million farmers in EU of which 7 out of 10 are under 65 years old. The BIOMAS project will introduce the mechanisms that will open up the biomass market to small medium European biomass stakeholders and strengthen their market position. Through the BIOMAS platform and mobile app, biomass suppliers will be encouraged to enter the biomass market offering their biomass products that otherwise will remain unexploited due to lack of sufficient support and consultation or lack of appropriate means of transport. Using BIOMAS, they can cooperate with other biomass suppliers or biomass providers offering advanced biomass services. On the other side, biomass consumers will be free to buy and combine offers from multiple biomass suppliers, thus promoting competition. The big picture is that BIOMAS will create a new market without intermediate resellers. In particular, biomass suppliers/service providers will benefit from economies of scale since they will offer their biomass products/services on a European wide basis. Also, it will promote cooperation and competition. Biomass suppliers will easier establish collaborations and provide more advanced services competing with well established actors in the biomass market. On the other side, BIOMAS will make life easier and cheaper for biomass consumers. They can find best priced offers. Also, they can check the availability and location of biomass products and predict how prices decrease or rise over the year.
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Nasias K. & Co LP
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
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Konstantinos Nasias
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Nasias K. & Co LP
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Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications