Project information
GROW & LINK is a crowd commerce platform to drive new ways of trading with fresh and home made goods. The idea arises from the need for bringing modern business trends to growers and foodmakers. How? By means of 3 main cornerstones: Online stores where to enjoy a personalized shopping experience. Sellers will publish information about themselves, their product catalog and promote additional services linked to their offering. Community building. Social reputation, trust and experiences from customers will be decisive to engage and motivate users. Production support. Traceability tools based on tailored sensor technology can validate specific conditions on production when an official certification is not available. Such mechanisms can improve efficiency of growers with data from the crops.
Project partners: 
Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Iago Fernandez-Cedron
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Contact organisation: 
Visiona Ingenieria de Proyectos
Funding agency: 
Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications