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The olive sector is an essential part of the agricultural sector of the southern Europe, where it represents a significant share of the agricultural economy. More than 1.8 million farms that are dedicated to Olive production in the EU. Olive Farmers were used to have a specific calendar for their treatments for the olive plants because so far the cultural cycle was quite predictable. In the last years several diseases raised their infectivity and new ones arrived from other continents: a lot of farmers are not prepared to manage the onset of these diseases. Oliwes is a platform for farmers that helps them to manage olive specific diseases. It provides the alerts and support farmers, agronomists and dedicated associations with dedicated workflows for each disease. Oliwes supports the cooperation between different actors that will work with the preferred device (web or mobile) to receive and then manage the situation in the most suitable way.
Project partners: 
TeamDev s.r.l.
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Andrea Cruciani
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TeamDev s.r.l.
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Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications