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Crop protection spraying technology which includes pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides helps to control the thousands of harmful insects and numerous plant diseases that afflict crops OPTI MIST general objective is the creation of an application tool, with the use of FI WARE technologies, which will assist orchard and vineyard farmers for achieving optimal spraying using orchard mist blowers sprayers. More specifically, the application tool will provide the following information: (i) optimal sprayer calibration, (ii) ideal timing for applying a spraying operation, (iii) optimal forward speed of the tractor in real time, (iv) optimal volume rate (l/ha) to be applied, and (v) Variable Rate Application (VRA) at spraying capabilities.
Project partners: 
OOB Software Ltd
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Panagiotis Stamatelopoulos
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OOB Software Ltd
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Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications