Project information
The aim of the project is development of service for the collection and archiving data on crops and their presentations to the farmers. The source of crop data is two folded: aerial images and sensor measurements. The aerial images are taken using an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with cameras (RGB, NIR, IR, multispectral, etc.), while mobile sensor stations are used for monitoring changes in temperature, humidity, pH, etc. All of this gathered data from the same parcel is linked based on spatial and temporal attributes. The data correlated with these attributes give richer and more reliable information. Such information provides a comprehensive image of crops growth and indications of its changes due to diseases, lack of fertilization or inadequate agricultural technical actions.
Project partners: 
GeoGIS Consultants doo
Project dates: 
April 2015 to March 2016
Contact person: 
Zoran Susic
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GeoGIS Consultants doo
Funding agency: 
Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications