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V AgriFleet proposal refers to the development of an innovative agricultural fleet management application which has as a central functional feature the voice driven provision and receiving of real time information. The application is a decentralised fleet management tool with equal share of information among the fleet units, which operates in heterogeneous fleets independently of the machines brand names and specifications, and disengage operators from the manually interaction with the system by giving him the ability for a complete communication with the system (for both giving or requesting information) by his/her own voice. This application overcomes the drawbacks of existing fleet management solutions which are highly depended on the machinery brand names (and thus not applicable to heterogeneous fleets), completely centralised (providing information only to the central decision maker) and require the manual interaction of the operator with the tools interface which cost in time and concentration to another parallel task. The proposed application incorporates the following FIWARE enablers: Complex Event Processing (CEP); Identity Management (KeyRock); and the Backend Device Management (IDAS). V AgriFleet application marketing and merchandise efforts will be directed to the following target group of customers: farmers of cereals, industrial crops, and forage crops; contractors of agricultural machinery; and farmers associations that share agricultural machinery.
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April 2015 to March 2016
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Konstantinos Grigoriadis
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Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications