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In Europe, there is more than 3 million hectares of vineyards. The European Union is the worlds leader in wine production, with almost half of the global vine growing area, in Hungary there is more than 69 000 hectares. The viticulture is an expensive and sensitive business, the Precision Viticulture (PV) can be the solution to their problems in the future. VINEYE will make PV happen. We have a vision about an online platform which offers the on demand analysis of aerial images of vineyards made by drones for viticulture specialists. The aerial images are taken with cameras (RGB, NIR, multispectral, etc.). We plan to identify vineyard management zones applying different vineyard management proposals based on our analysis. Our business model focuses on our core competence: to develop wine grower friendly" application and services."
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April 2015 to March 2016
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Ádám Ficsor
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Future Internet Enabled Agricultural Applications