FutureDairy4 (RM600+)

Project information
FUTUREDAIRY4 Robotic Milking – 600 and Beyond (RM600+) 2014-2017 RM600+ is focused on building knowledge around incorporating Automatic Milking into large scale farming operations. In particular, attention is placed on pasture-based systems (>50% diet provided as grazed forage) and operating with voluntary cow traffic. Robotically milking 600+ cows is new, but necessary territory for the techonology and the system that surrounds it. The scale of the operation plus the impact of large herd dynamics (eg. Walking distances, milking frequency, cow behavior, management of individuals within the large herd and working routines) will present new challenges to efficiencies and effect farm management within the voluntary cow trafficking system. Whilst RM600+ focuses on the large herd issues it will also continue to contribute to the knowledge and understanding of management options for small to moderate scale operations (100-600 cows) which will continue to adopt Automatic Milking Systems. Project Supervisor: Professor Sergio (Yani) Garcia Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Kendra Kerrisk Sponsors: FutureDairy4 (RM600+) is sponsored by Dairy Australia, The University of Sydney and DeLaval.
Project partners: 
Dairy Australia
The University of Sydney
Project dates: 
January 2014 to December 2016
Contact person: 
Project Supervisor: Professor Sergio (Yani) Garcia, Project Leader: Assoc. Prof. Kendra Kerrisk
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Contact organisation: 
School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Veterinary Science, The University of Sydney
Funding agency: 
Dairy Australia