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IdProject titleDurationFunderCountry
36670WEAM4i: WATER AND ENERGY ADVANCED MANAGEMENT FOR IRRIGATIONNovember 2013 to April 2017International
36672Innovative remote and ground sensors, data and tools into a decision support system for agriculture water management (IRIDA)May 2016 to April 2019International
36799FATIMA: FArming Tools for external nutrient Inputs and water MAnagementMarch 2015 to February 2018International
36562OpIRIS: Online Professional Irrigation Scheduling Expert SystemDecember 2013 to November 2015International
36349IMPRESSMarch 2014 to September 2016International
36915FIGARO - Flexible and PrecIse IrriGation PlAtform to Improve FaRm Scale Water PrOductivityOctober 2012 to August 2016International
36357IrriSmartMarch 2014 to September 2016International
36766FISISApril 2015 to March 2016International
36351IMaToPMarch 2014 to September 2016International