Central Research Institute of Food and Feed Control

Central Research Institute of Food and Feed Control
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

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Research institutions
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Central Research institute of Food and Feed Control affiliated to MFAL (Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock) provides lab services with its qualified staff works in team spirit and has principle based on to fulfil customers’ requests on time with a trustable and objective manner. The aim of our Institute is to extend our skills and be leader by following technology.

Our customers consist of firms in private sector, provincial directories of MFAL established in Bursa and nearby cities where activities of food industry and agricultural production is very common and directories of other public organizations. In accordance with mission given by MFAL; Our Instution implements research and analysis services of food, feed, water and fishery products. Our Institution aims to provide the most qualified, quick and trustable services to our customers and improve strategies focused on customers. Samples dispatched to our institute are classified as import, export, control, private request and other control samples. Our staff implements research projects on food sector by working especially together TAGEM, TUBİTAK, universities and private sector.

By making a decision that all affiliated laboratories must be accepted as an accredited laboratory; MFAL started a pilot practice which five control laboratories are firstly going to be accredited and assigned our institute is one of the first five control laboratories. In accordance with this duty; appointed staff started work in 2001 to establish a quality management system. ISO 9001:2000 certificate is given to our institute by TÜV in 2002 and procedures done by our staff provided a basis for accreditation.

Our institute has been accredited according to TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard by Turkish Accreditation Agency since 2004; and the number of accredited analysis has been increasing year after year. Accreditation of our institute provides advantages which are reason for being preferred by customers, easiness for national and international trade of goods and prestige in sector. Our institute have led other affiliated laboratories of MFAL for accreditation.

Our quality journey began by being a member of KALDER (Turkish Quality Association) in 2008 and implementation of EFQM excellence model has been started. Our institute was rewarded with “Quality Success Award of Bursa” in 2009 and it was the first laboratory rewarded with this award in Public and private sector laboratories.

Analysis classified as import, export, control, private request and other control samples are implemented by using appropriate technology in our accredited institute. Also, R&D services are implemented on food and feed. Thus, our institute provides a huge contribution for society to consume more qualified, safe and healthy food.