Brokerage event 2019

A webinar has been provided for interested applicants on 15 January 2020.

The purpose of this webinar was to describe the call and explain how to find other researchers via our webpage tools. More than 100 potential applicants from research and technology communities followed this webinar.

We started the webinar with an introduction and very short explanation of the call, given by our coordinator Johannes Pfeifer from BLE (Germany).

Livia Ortolani from MIPAAFT (Italy), member of the Call Office presented an overview of the call and the call documents to help you to prepare your proposal.

Siham Kourdi and Marijke Hunninck from ILVO (Belgium), explained on how to find partners work via Finding partners, and via the opportunity to publish preliminary pre-proposals. They also demonstrated every step on how you can Create new consortium.

After the presentation and demonstration, we took the time to answer the questions that we already collected, and then we opened the floor to researchers to ask further questions.

Yo can listen to the webinar, read the presentation and assembled Q&A.