Opportunities to work with researchers outside Europe

ICT-AGRI-FOOD reaches out to international partners from New Zealand, USA and Canada!

ERA-NET ICT-AGRI-FOOD applicants are encouraged to find international research partners through the International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF), an international research group that addresses key bioeconomy challenges and opportunities. International Bioeconomy Forum (IBF), has been established in 2016 to facilitate international cooperation on the Bioeconomy. The general concept of the IBF is that of a co-owned platform, organised in ad-hoc working groups, to guide international cooperation on a limited number of R&I priorities and horizontal activities which are crucial for the development a global, sustainable Bioeconomy and addressing related global challenges (COP 21; SDG´s, circular economy, sustainable food security etc).

Up to now, four working groups have been established:

Food Systems Microbiomes and Beyond
ICT in Precision Food Systems
Plant Health






The IBF is jointly chaired by the European Commission and Canada, with members from Argentina, China, India, New Zealand, South Africa and US. Australia, South Korea, BioEast and the FAO are present as observers.

The “ICT in Precision Food Systems” working group is one of the four working groups of this forum and addresses the following key concepts that are highly relevant to this funding call:

• Redesigning food and bio-based production systems across multiple existing and new land uses, patterns of land use, enterprises and communities

• Utilising cutting edge innovation and technology to produce safe, healthy and sustainable products that deliver to the needs of global populations

• Harnessing the power of big data and digital technologies to deal with complexity and radically improve decision-making

• Creating hyper-transparency around ethics of production, sustainability, and health and nutrition in value chains or networks

• Accelerating the pace, integration and adoption of science through the use of new technology

The working group on ICT in Precision Food Systems is led by New Zealand (Max Kennedy), and this group has from the beginning been working closely with ICT-AGRI-FOOD. Applicants to the call are very welcome to get in contact to researchers from IBF countries in order to find consortium partners for their transnational projects!

For partnering opportunities, please contact IBF@mbie.govt.nz for further information.