Projektberatung und Management Expert Assoziation

Projektberatung und Management Expert Assoziation

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Network / partnership
Advisory organisation
Service provider
ICT provider
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PAMEA was established with the vision to bring together more than 10 years of high experience gathered by its members in developing and managing EU funded R&D projects, with solid capacity and skills in designing and delivering training and/or capacity building programs on successfully developing and managing projects under the EU programs.
Even is a young NGO, constituted only in April 2018, Project Advisory and Management Experts Association - PAMEA has top capabilities for initiate, develop, manage and coordinate EU R&D projects and training and capacity building on EU project development and management.

PAMEA is open to cooperation with all organisations - from leading corporations and government agencies to the newest societies, NGOs and SMEs - in order to find valuable solutions for solving real needs. Through its fields of competence combined with strategic objectives, are followed the desiderates:

- effectively strengthening innovation
- expanding scientific and technical capabilities
- anticipating and responding more quickly to emerging industry guidelines and
- engaging youth people on labour market

In addition, in collaboration with PAMEA, involved parties can learn various practical methods of innovation, bringing their organisations new ways of thinking and transfer of know-how.