Work Description

The ICT-AGRI-FOOD Cofund is organised into nine work packages. The co-funded call and its different components will be implemented through five highly integrated work packages. Additional activities that go beyond the co-funded call will be prepared and developed through three further work packages. Strong cooperation between the work packages is required to ensure both the sound management of the co-funded call and the implementation of the additional activities.


WP 1 – “Management of the consortium” is led by BLE (Germany) as Coordinator with the DASHE (Denmark) as Deputy Coordinator.

The objective of this Work Package is to provide an efficient administrative management structure that ensures robust coordination of the project, supports a smooth workflow in line with the work plan, and fulfils project objectives and contractual obligations.The Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator will work in close cooperation with the WP leaders (WPL) in the Network Management Group (NMG) for the implementation of the Co-fund Call and the other joint activities.

WP 2 – “Preparation and launch of the cofunded call” is led by MIPAAFT (Italy) as WPL.

The objectives of this WP are to establish a sound basis for the launch of the co-funded call and to administer the submission. This WP runs until the research projects start, including the launch of the Co-fund Call, the national/regional grant negotiation phase from proposal selection to final commitment. The team of WP2 is the Call Secretariat for the Co-fund Call. 

WP 3 – “Evaluation and selection of the proposal for the Cofund call” is led by BMNT (Germany).

WP3 will manage the evaluation and selection of the transnational proposals in accordance with the procedures and guidelines of the ERA-NET Cofund scheme, according to the rules of the EC, and a following consortium agreement. It will assure a transparent and independent procedure for the evaluation of proposals.WP3 runs until the end of the selection process.

WP 4 – “Follow up and monitoring of the projects resulting from the cofunded call” is led by Juelich (Germany).

The aim of this Work Package is to follow-up and monitor the progress of the cofunded research projects, and to assess the output and impacts of these projects. WP4 runs from the start of the projects selected under the Co-fund Call to the end of the ERA-NET, monitoring the funded projects for their duration. 

WP 5 – “Communication and Dissemination strategies” is led by ILVO (Belgium).

WP5 will create visibility for the ERA-NET and its activities, facilitate a productive knowledge exchange, and support the funded research projects with an effective dissemination of their research results to, ultimately, impact in a positive way the global food chain.WP5 runs until the end of this ERA-NET Cofund action. An integrated, strategical approach is needed to ensure the scalability and sustainability of this programme.

WP 6 – “Additional joint calls without EC cofunding” is led by the GRNET (GREECE).

The main task is to define and implement 3 additional calls without EC co-funding subject to commitments from partners Further, WP6 reviews current and expected outputs from previous ICT-AGRI ERA-NET calls, to inform short- and medium-term research priorities and address perceived gaps in relevant international strategy documents.

WP 7 – “Additional activities” is led by the DASHE (Denmark). WP7 runs until the end of this ERA-NET Cofund action.

The general objective of this WP7 is to increase the impact of all activities scheduled in the previous WPs by building the ecosystem and network to enable joint activities. One of the major aims is to make ICT-AGRI-FOOD the pivotal point connecting research, institutions, private and public sector and all stakeholders along the value-added chain of the agri-food sector. 

WP 8 – “International Network Development” is led by the TEAGASC (Ireland). WP8 runs until the end of this ERA-NET Cofund action.

The objective of this work package, is to develop a network of international partners who will contribute to achievement of the vision of the ICT-AGRI-FOOD ERA-NET through advice, input and participation in ICT-AGRI-FOOD additional activities (including non-cofunded calls). 

WP 9 – “Ethics requirements” is led by the BLE (Germany). WP9 runs until the end of this ERA-NET Cofund action.

The objective is to ensure compliance with the 'ethics requirements' set out in this work package.