New call on Food Fraud

ESA  call on the analysis of service to detect and prevent Food and Beverage Fraud.

Image credit: alphaspirit

There are different ways that food and beverage fraud can be committed for instance, the ingredients can be substituted with one of a lower quality, the food label can be distorted to provide false information or the food can be counterfeited. What each have in common is that these malicious acts do not happen by chance as theybring an economic advantage to the perpetuator and cause deception to the consumer.

The prevention and detection of food fraud is not only an important ethical matter, it is an issue which impacts the global economy as well as the health of the citizens.

Key Focus Areas

  • Increase supply chain transparency 
  • Monitor and improve food logistics
  • Improve certification process
  • Detection of counterfeit food products and beverages
  • Improve consumer confidence and experience
  • Support food safety