Knowledge Incubator virtual Kick-off event - 24 March 2021

ICT-AGRI-FOOD is implementing a Knowledge Incubator for researchers, SMEs and start-ups funded within ICT-AGRI-FOOD calls, in order to improve knowledge management and facilitate the interaction of research with relevant stakeholders. The ICT-AGRI-FOOD Knowledge Incubator is a networking space based on an online tool. The online tool is going to be organized as a database of innovations developed by the ICT-AGRI-FOOD community. Users of the Knowledge Incubator are invited to share innovations, describing how digital technologies can contribute to solve a specific problem in the agri-food-system.


During the kick-off event, the ambitions and online structure of the Knowledge Incubator were presented and the shape of the database of innovations was discussed with the participants, starting a co-creation process with the users.

After an introductory session by Serenella Puliga and Livia Ortolani (MIPAAF), participants were firstly brought to consider the needs of end-users from ICT-AGRI-FOOD research by the keynote speeches on consumers’ perspective (Prof. Dr. Michael Siegrist, ETH Zurich), on SMEs and start-up perspective (Beatrice Barresi, ESA) and on the farmers’ perspective (Jacob van den Borne – Demo Farm from NEFERTITI project).

Then, a session devoted to the social infrastructure for integration of ICT in the Agri-Food Sector saw the participation of 2 keynote speeches, on the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) approach in Europe and National Member States (Mara Lai, CREA Politiche e Bioeconomia) and on the Smart Specialisation Platform for Agri-Food (S3) High Tech Farming (HTF) Platform as an example of European network to support the development of digital innovation (Fabio Boscaleri, S3 - HTF Platform).

The last part of the event was devoted to the presentation of the online tool by Marijke Hunninck and Siham Kourdi (ILVO) and to the setting up of the participatory design of the database of innovations by Alice Albertini (MIPAAF). Participants were divided in three groups and shared ideas and suggestions on the taxonomic categories of three domains of the databases: ICT, AGRI and FOOD. The main aim was to select the categories for each domain, increasing the possibility to find each innovation in the database and encouraging the interactions with other databases in the near future. The outcomes of this group works will be used for improving the content and the structure of the Knowledge Incubator. As soon as the database is rich in innovation, the final objective is to increase its visibility and impact in the ICT-AGRI-FOOD community sharing experiences and data with other EU projects, catalogues and platforms.


If you are interested in joining ICT-AGRI-FOOD Knowledge Incubator, please write to Livia Ortolani (, Alice Albertini ( and Marijke Hunninck (

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