Solution4Farming (S4F) project aim to provide solutions for GHGs emissions mitigation for the mixed farming systems across different European climate while increasing circularity.​ To reach this aim the Project will address objectives to:

  • Systemic identify synergy and complementarity with other sectors for mixed crop-livestock production;
  • To identify the most suitable solutions for each climate area to increase circularity in mixed farm;
  • To develop ICT tools to mitigate GHG emissions;
  • To test and validate the project solutions;
  • To assess the effectiveness of the project solutions based on an LCA approach;
  • To provide the dissemination, communication, and channel to results exploitation.



The project solutions will be demonstrated in three pilots. Pilot 1 explore the management options to mitigate GHG emissions in a mixed crop-livestock production, Pilot 2 evaluate regional synergies between livestock and crop production for enhancing agro-systems circularity in southeastern Spain, while Pilot 3 test new solutions to increase circularity and mitigate GHG emissions The solutions will be tested in a pilot plant in Poland.

Expected Results:

  • Develop new technologies to increase circularity and reduce GHG emissions new liquid and solid fertilizers, new adsorbents for use in ammonium nitrogen removal.
  • Create a Decision Support System for management of the mixed crop-livestock farms activities to mitigate GHG emissions.
  • Elaborate management options to enhance agrosystems circularity based on the regional synergies between livestock and crop production.
  • Create new controlled growth module to be used for the cultivation tests related to high-value crops.


First results

  • Mixed farms systemic approach – challenges mapping and sustainability indicator
  • Preliminary testing of the anaerobic digestion of local agricultural waste in laboratory scale
  • Plan and preliminary design of the Controlled Growth module
  • User requirements and architecture design for the Decision support platform and deployment of IoT devices for measurements for the Pilot#1
  • LCA strengths and limitations in representing mixed crops and livestock farming system
  • Stakeholder consultations


    Coordinated by

    Dr Mihaela Balanescu, Beia Consult International, Romania​



    • POLAND: Wroclaw University of Science and Technology​
    • SPAIN: Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena​
    • FINLAND: Kajaani University of Applied Sciences​
    • ROMANIA: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest


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