Sustainable Synergies: Interconnected Systems for Positive Impact

The ESA call for Feasibility Studies aims to promote the operational and commercial roll-out of services addressing interconnected systems for positive impact where at least two systems considered “isolated”, including eco-systems, are operated in a synergistic manner so that externalities are re-used or recycled and with the use of at least one space assets. The intended contractors are businesses operating in one of the field (e.g. solar panel installers, for the example above) or system integrators. The selected studies will conduct a thorough analysis of the concept they present, the actors involved and main components of the systems and will determine the technical feasibility and viability of a commercial service that will manage the resulting synergistic service.

More information:

  • OPPORTUNITY: Intended Tender
  • ACTIVITY: Feasibility Study
  • OPENING DATE: 15-03-2023
  • CLOSING DATE: 16-05-2023

Credit: Jenson