ESA Call for proposals on sustainable agriculture

The main objective of the Fixed Call for Proposals for Applications Activities in “The sustainable transformation of agriculture through digitalisation and space” is to develop space-based services and applications boosting the sustainable transformation of agriculture by taking advantage of data and innovative technologies.

This Fixed Call for Proposals is intended to support industry in the development of services focused on the optimisation of agricultural practices that minimise negative environmental impacts in terms of soil degradation, water depletion and contamination, inefficient energy use and loss of biodiversity.

Fore more information about this call, please visit the following webpage :

  • OPPORTUNITY: Call for Proposals (Non-Competitive)
  • ACTIVITY:  Demonstration Project
  • OPENING DATE: 13-10-2023
  • CLOSING DATE: 13-12-2023
  • WEBINAR: 25 October 2023, 11:00 – 12:00 CEST




Credit: Joshua Resnick