Connecterra: Project Happy Cow

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Connecterra: Project Happy Cow

Call: Services and Applications for Smart Agriculture

Id: 14639

Acronym: HappyCow

1 March, 2015 to 31 October, 2016

No Partner Contact Country Total
1 Coord.ConnecterraYasir KhokharNetherlands424.891.2SmartAgriFood
2Wageningen UR Livestock Research
Wageningen University and Research Center
Kees LokhorstNetherlands17.60.0None
3Sensors and Circuits
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland
Kaarle JaakkolaFinland85.259.7Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
4SEGES P/SFrank OudshoornDenmark71.867.4Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education and Science


Project Happy Cow will develop hardware and software for a cloud based Estrus detection system for Dairy farms with special focus on organic dairy farms. Our approach is based from the perspective of the internet of things leveraging the FI-Ware platform.

Increase in the cost of production, abolishment of the quota system will put pressure on dairy farmers to find new ways to optimize their farm production [1]. Estrus detection is one of the fundamental optimization points in operations and can save farmers significant amounts of money, up to €250/year per cow. While current detection systems provide adequate accuracy, they are mostly based on algorithms designed for indoor/shed base farms. Furthermore, the business model is based on monolithic implementations based on devices that require fixed capital investments. These systems are usually out of reach of small to medium sized farms. Also, the technology is fixed and cannot be adapted to changing farmer needs and scale.

In the future it is anticipated that farms will need to optimize their facilities for greenhouse emissions, animal welfare and production per cow require systems which not only measure but also provide a scientific basis for prediction and control. Sensor based solutions will be required to scale and adapt to these needs. For farmers, an optimal solution would be to invest in systems that can adapt and morph as the needs change.

In order to detect estrus and animal behavior, our solution uses sensors mounted on cows and connected to our cloud services platform providing a unique approach to estrus detection leveraging deep learning, life-time data storage and FI-Ware integration to enable new services based on sensor networks. Our approach is transmutable to different scenarios within the farm environment and currently does not have any direct competition.

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Happy Cow selected as SmartAgriFood high-flyer project

Happy Cow is selected as one of three SmartAgriFood high-flyer project. This means that Happy Cow is considered to have extraordinary business opprotunities and will receive extra funding in stage 2.