Organic-AgriWare: an application for the organic agriculture community

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Organic-AgriWare: an application for the organic agriculture community

Call: Services and Applications for Smart Agriculture

Id: 15341

Acronym: Organic-AgriWare

1 March, 2015 to 31 August, 2015

No Partner Contact Country Total
1 Coord.Agro-KnowPMO DepartmentGreece104.683.1SmartAgriFood
2International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems (ICROFS)
Aarhus University
Ilse RasmussenDenmark56.948.8Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education and Science
3Knowledge Centre for AgricultureTomas NorfeltDenmark19.217.2Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education and Science


Organic agriculture stakeholders, whether in Denmark or Greece and elsewhere, are faced with the same practical problems and obstacles when it comes to organic agriculture. Therefore, farmers and advisors need context-related information to support their long-term and short-term planning. They need to be able to acquire this knowledge without access restrictions to scientific publications. The problem is that all this information is currently dispersed at different online and off-line locations/media, making access to the already acquired knowledge difficult. Collecting the necessary context-related information is therefore currently a challenging task.

To this end, we propose implementation of Organic-AgriWare that will combine organic agricultural research knowledge with other available practical information, maximizing the practical benefits for organic agriculture stakeholders. This will be a mobile platform that will provide a mashup with unique and context-aware access to the Organic Eprints resources and information from both relevant FIspace apps and other useful resources for the users, determined after a relevant use-case study.

Organic-AgriWare’s implementation is based on a strategic partnership spanning two European countries, Denmark and Greece, between Agro-Know, ICROFS, and DAAS. The end application could be used by anyone interested in organic agriculture. However, the targeted customer segments are agricultural advisors and organic farmers. It will operate under a freemium revenue model, it will capitalize on already existing and future collaborations with other FIspace application providers, and it is expected to have a high early adoption rate. Our lean manufacturing and agile development approach mandates the addition of a fourth milestone.

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