Future Internet - Orchards Automated Management System

Final report

Future Internet - Orchards Automated Management System

Call: Services and Applications for Smart Agriculture

Id: 15198

Acronym: FI-ORAMA

Tuesday, 21 February, 2017

No Partner Contact Country Total
1 Coord.OOB Software LTDPanagiotis StamatelopoylosCyprus124.293.2SmartAgriFood
2Department of Engineering
Aarhus School of Engineering
Aarhus University
Claus SørensenDenmark47.445.1Danish Agency for Science and Higher Education
Ministry of Higher Education and Science
3Group Leader Sensor Development and Application
Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering
Manuela ZudeGermany78.478.4Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Main results: 
FI-ORAMA is a Farm Management information System (FMIS) for applying precision agriculture management at high value crops (mainly orchards and vineyards). The key functions of FI-ORAMA includes data collection, data storage and data manipulation. Specifically, the system enables data collection from the following sources: • Automated input from specific sensors (i.e. fruit maturity sensor) • Manual input of data through an Android mobile application • Data from external services, such as local weather conditions • Android devices GPS sensor for field boundaries drawing Also, a FIORAMA tool sensor providing information on fruit development was was implemented and connected etiher to FIORAMA FMIS or using a more simple decision support system and user-interface.
The main components of FI-ORAMA is the android application, the web application (hosted at fispace), and the PHP API developed to communicate with Orion, Orion context broker, the sensors, the external sources (openweathermap for forecast) and a MySQL database. Through the mobile app, the user has full capabilities over the system and all the data produced are saved in a local SQLite database and then synced to the remote database. Then, when the user is finished, he can sync the data to the cloud. The prototype is available at http://oobsoftwarecy.com/FI-ORAMA/android/fiorama_1.0.apk and the installation guide and the user manual are available at http://oobsoftwarecy.com/FI-ORAMA/ The tool for sensor-based in-situ assessment of fruit quality is further developed by ATB.
The results from the project will be disseminated via the Android application and the Web application as well as through stakeholder meetings in concurrent projects like a the current running project VAROS (VAriable Rate Operations for orchardS). , where also results from the FIORAMA project are being discussed and elaborated.
Proposal summary: 
FI-ORAMA (Future Internet - Orchards Automated Management) will use a range of FI-WARE enablers to develop a Farm Management information System (FMIS) for applying precision agriculture management at orchards and vineyards. It will be applied for collect all data generated in the field at site-specific level and this information will be collected and stored in a manner to be used for further purposes, such as certification or traceability. FI-ORAMA allows orchard growers and vine growers to collect and analyze data in multiple levels of aggregation. Data will be collected automatically from sensors in the field (i.e. soil moisture sensors) or obtained externally (i.e. local weather station) where possible but due to having individual trees and hand-picking of fruit, the system will automat

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