Kick-off Governing board meeting - November 2019

November 2019 BLE, organised Kick-off Governing board meeting in Bonn, Germany

ICT-AGRI-FOOD is a very ambitious partnership, which will require good management, coordination and support, commitment and engagement from all partners and stakeholders. In the past, coordination was in Niels Gøtke hands. This time we have transferred the official coordination from Denmark (DASHE) to Germany (BLE), changing roles. This means DASHE will continue to be active in the coordination as Deputy Coordinator, leaving the coordination in the hands of Elke Saggau and Johannes Pfeifer from BLE.

An update on the first activities of ICT-AGRI-FOOD has been given, mainly focusing on the launched co-funded call and the related activities.

The first keynote presentation was an inspiring speech on the Research Campus represented by Prof. Ralf Pude from the University of Bonn. It was very exciting for the consortium to learn how different actors from a region can work together in a regional network of SMEs, academia and authorities in order to realize a waste-free circular economy and to make sustainable processes visible and "tangible". He told us more about the development of a Tree Eater for apple trees, movable greenhouse facilities, Biomass Plants and resource efficiency of miscanthus through lignocelluloses. For more details, please feel free to download the presentation.

In the introductory round, representatives of each work package presented a poster with a short overview of their activities with some expectations: What results do you need to achieve in the WP? - How much time do you have? - Who is a participant in your WP? - How many WPs of this kind have you already managed? - What have you done in this WP so far? - Where were the difficulties? - What was very good?  

The kick-off meeting was a perfect opportunity for all partners to meet and review the project objectives and the work plan. The project is off to a good start and all partners are looking forward to the next steps.