23 November 2020 – Challenge call Workshop

The ERA-NETs ICT-AGRI-FOOD and CHIST-ERA (https://www.chistera.eu)  organise a joint online workshop next November 23, 2020, bringing together the ERA-NETs' research funding organisations and experts for adapting the format of a Challenge call to the multilateral framework and to the respective thematic scopes of these ERA-NETs.

The workshop addresses the following objectives:

  • Review of different Challenge initiatives
  • Assess opportunity of launching a Challenge call within an ERA-NET
  • Discuss what a suitable topic is for a Challenge call
  • Estimate the required resources
  • Establish methodology and calendar of the call preparation


The conclusions will contribute to the shaping of the Challenge call format for CHIST-ERA and of the related implementation roadmap and to provide recommendations for launching a Challenge call for ICT-AGRI-FOOD.

The programme features a combination of keynote talks in plenary and facilitated parallel brainstorming sessions.



Meeting part




Review of Challenge initiatives in Europe and overseas: Format, objectives and expected impact



Challenges examples: Evaluation campaigns organisation, impact on research



Brainstorming session: Topic suitability, call launch and evaluation campaigns organisation within an ERA-NET

Parallel sessions


Parallel sessions for CHIST-ERA and ICT-AGRI-FOOD to discuss specifics (candidate topics suitability…)

Parallel sessions


Registration: Please fill in the following webform.

Remote connection: To be announced

The workshop is open to any interested person free of charge, in particular to the researchers involved in evaluation campaigns organisation and to other ERA-NET-like multilateral partnerships of research funders willing to assess the opportunity to launch a call in the Challenge format.

Challenge Call: A Challenge call for research proposals targets a focused scientific objective. The selected projects all share this common objective proposing different approaches. Their progress is regularly assessed during their lifetime through so-called evaluation campaigns gathering all the projects The evaluation campaigns involve metrics and protocols implemented by the evaluation campaign organisers. The scheme combines competition among selected projects and cooperation: Data sharing and networking across projects are promoted.

Contact:  Isabelle.HIPPOLYTE@agencerecherche.fr