Mansholt Lecture: Navigating the Twilight Zone - Pathways towards digital transformation of food systems

Wageningen University & Research (WUR) organises the fifth edition of the Mansholt Lecture, on 22 September 2021 in Brussels. This year the Mansholt Lecture will address the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation in the food systems.

source: WUR

The Twilight Zone as a metaphor refers to the situation where innovations have proven to be promising but have to be up-scaled to a higher level of adoption. Therefore we have to bridge the difference between technology readiness and user readiness. “We don’t need more apps. We need a system”. This short quote of a farmer reflects the high degree of fragmentation and discontinuity in innovation processes we observe.

More focus on the user readiness of technologies and support by multi-actor ecosystems is required, in which innovations are embedded in a system approach and tested in living labs. These are important pathways towards a sustainable digital innovation ecosystem and to navigate through the Twilight Zone.

During the 2021 Mansholt Lecture, WUR will present the options and challenges for stakeholders in the transition towards a sustainable digital innovation ecosystem. Europe needs to consider creating an integral European policy on this issue. We hope that you will join the discussion!

Preliminary programme
14:30 General introduction (Louise O. Fresco)
14:45 Navigate the Twilight Zone (Sjaak Wolfert)
15:10 Reflection EU perspective (Wolfgang Burtscher)
15:30 Panel discussion with representatives of science, policy and industry (Wolfgang Burtscher, Marietje Schaake, Ivo Hostens, Evan Fraser)
16:20 Wrap-up


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