The European day of digital agriculture

In March 2021, the DIVA project, funded by H2020, ended. This accelerator has funded 134 digital agri-related projects for the benefit of 180 SMEs in Europe. In the wake of this initiative, a cross-border community has been created around digital AgTech companies, who expressed the need and interest in sharing skills and knowledge at European level to build more powerful value chains. The DIVA initiative continues today through a DIVAx sequel, which intends to maintain this fruitful dynamic by providing companies with a package of services meant to increase their understanding of the European ecosystem and to help seize opportunities for cross-border collaborations. 

DIVAx project is organizing a European online fair meant to raise awareness on trends at EU level and activities carried out in the field of digital AgTech in European countries. The event will take place the 21st of June 2022, with conferences (from 9 to 12 a.m), workshops, matchmaking opportunities and virtual booths.


Agenda and registration form are available in this link: