ICT-AGRI-FOOD call "More transparent agri-food systems for consumers and other stakeholders along the food value chain based on ICT-technologies”

The ERA-NET ICT-AGRI-FOOD 2022 Joint Call for research proposals was closed on 26 September 2022. A total number of 17 proposals has been submitted.

The submitted full-proposals have focused on the following three thematic areas:

  1. Agri-food systems enabled by interconnected digital technologies that are more transparent to consumers, farmers and other stakeholders along the agri-food value chain
  2. Identify, address and remove barriers for adoption of ICT technologies in the agri- food systems
  3. Development and impact estimation (if applicable: evaluation) of data-driven reward and incentive systems to support sustainable and resilient farm management practices


The funding network consists of 19 funding bodies from 16 countries, committing about 8M EUR for transnational research.

The call follows a one-step evaluation procedure where the proposals are first assessed for eligibility by the Call Secretariat and the Call Steering Committee members. The proposals are then evaluated by an International Evaluation Committee consisting of international peer-reviewers following criteria and procedures stated in the Call Announcement. Based on the expert evaluation, the Call Board will make the final selection of projects to be funded. The result of the selection will be announced in December 2022.