MANUFUTURE AET conference “Agricultural Engineering Community - Achieving Visions with Horizon Europe


On 10th November 2024 the MANUFUTURE AET (subplatform on Agricultural Engineering Technologies), ICT-AGRI-FOOD and CAPIGI foundation have organised a face-to-face conference and workshop with their partners in Hannover/Germany. Agricultural machine manufacturing community and stakeholders have met and discussed opportunities of Horizon Europe for the community. The event took place a few days before AGRITECHNICA, with many exciting speeches on various topics. 


The conference recording can be found on our YouTube channel:

The programme

Section 1, chaired by Prof. Dr. Peter Pickel, focused on Agricultural Engineering Objectives, presenting insights into Research & Innovation supporting Agricultural Technologies under Horizon Europe and the Digital Europe Programme. Additionally, discussions included learnings from piloting digital technologies across European farms and EIT Food's role in catalyzing the food transformation in Europe.

Section 2, chaired by Jens Fehrmann, delved into Reports from Agricultural Engineering Research Environment, covering topics like current EurAgEng structures, ERA-Net ICT-AGRI-FOOD objectives, and the role of data and robotics in agriculture. Moreover, EU-funded projects and the review of the latest MANUFUTURE AET and Strategic Research Agendas were presented.

The day continued with a Joint Plenary Session with LAND.TECHNIK AgEng 2023, featuring welcoming addresses and opening remarks by distinguished figures in agricultural engineering. Dr. Markus Demmel, Prof. Dr. Barbara Sturm, and Hubertus Paetow presented, followed by a plenary speech on the future of responsible plant nutrition by Dr. Achim Dobermann.

Finally, Section 3, chaired by Dr. Thomas Engel, emphasized the Role of Data, Information, and Related Regulations in Agriculture. Discussions encompassed topics such as interoperable data and AI services in agriculture, the EU Data Act and Nature Restoration Law, and the implications of the EU Data and AI Acts. The session concluded with insights into AgrifoodTEF Services, fostering sustainable and efficient food production, and final words by Prof. Peter Pickel on the latest updates from MANUFUTURE AET and Strategic Research Agendas.

The presentations: