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Banu SEZER NANOSENS is an R&D company founded in 2008 in Ankara, Turkey. Continuing its activities with equity capital and R&D incentives, the firm develops spectroscopic solutions in food and agriculture. The products produced by company with its own brand name are presented in market. The company, which designs fast analysis systems especially for the food industry, uses spectroscopy based methods. In this scope, studies on spectroscopic methods such as NIR, FTIR, Raman and LIBS are continuing and optical accessory designs can be made for system designs and consultancy services can be provided. In addition, NANOSENS AS. also provides services and consultancy in the field of R&D and services. We would like to collaborate for future projects.


Research organisations, Facility, Service provider, Manufacturer Turkey
Klemens Köhler The Institute for Digitalization Aachen (IDA) is a research institute of the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. IDA combines the expertise of 6 professorships: 1. Software and System Testing, Automated Testing - 2. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and user integration - 3. Process-oriented Management, Digitalization of Business Processes and Production - 4. Usability, Design Thinking, Prototyping - 5. Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 - 6. Service management, Change Management, Competence Developing Games <!--break--> The joint principle of IDA is the focus on new digital technologies and their application. We aim to find holistic solutions, without disregarding obstacles and potential dangers. Amongst our core competencies is integrating user and business perspectives, managing change processes in organizations, and training and educating end-users. The Lab for IT Organization and Management (ITOM) - as one part of IDA - focuses on issues of organizational change and competence developing games (CDGs). In different ongoing research projects, we focus CDGs – ranging from serious games to gamification, and from classical business simulations to AR/VR-enabled methods – on end-user qualification. Our approach leverages the motivational potential of game elements to teach problem solving skills in complex and uncertain environments. With these competences, we can enhance projects with serious games as virtual environments for educational or analytical purposes. The FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences with its more than 14.000 students, 230 professors and over 900 employees is one of the biggest universities of applied sciences in Germany. The research competences are mainly in the future areas of energy, mobility, and life sciences. The latest research results are directly incorporated into teaching. Through the close cooperation with regional businesses, the university and business enterprises collaborate on the development of products and processes.

Institute for Digitalization Aachen
Aachen University of Applied Sciences - Fachhochschule Aachen

Research institutions, University, Research organisations, Technology institutions, ICT provider Germany
Ebru Emsen ERGEN is an R&D company that aims to support small ruminant enterprise start-ups and their development through the optimum advancement of university-industry collaboration. ERGEN provides a supportive environment for companies to enhance their effective use of already available resources or to create new ones through R&D. The key focus of ERGEN is on innovative assisted reproductive technology, breeding strategies, smart farming technologies and functional foods from sheep and goats. ERGEN has a role of coordination of continuous auditing of five intensively managed sheep enterprises located in different regions of Turkey. These farms are not only different by region but also, experience of year of smart of sheep farming, flock size, owner farming history, age, sex etc. The diversity of these farms will constitute a unique source of learning and inspiration for improvement of the project. These five enterprises have been subjected to continuous auditing and monitoring through mobile flock management tool to provide continuous assurance of animal welfare, optimum production efficiency, product safety and quality. For doing this IOT, AI, Cloud computing are significant part of mobile flock manager integrated with three way auto drafter. This approach provides these farm managers the most up-to-date guidance and best practices to enable them to successfully implement smart sheep farming and produce traceable value added lambs. ERGEN and five operational sheep farms equipped with smart farming technologies will provide data, user experience, farm comparisons, and value added lamb product production.

Atatürk University

Stakeholders, Advisory organisation, Service provider Turkey
Bahadir Baran Odevci Imona Technologies (IMONA) has been specialized in employing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in small ruminant production alongside other advanced computing technologies since 2014. The emergence of new advanced IoT technologies has the potential to monitor the small ruminant farm operations to ensure animal welfare, health and high-quality products. However, there remains a lack of research and development in relation to and Smart Animal Farming (SAF), accompanied by complex obstacles arising from the fragmentation of animal breeding processes, i.e. the control and operation of IoT/AI machines; data sharing and management; interoperability; and large amounts of data analysis and storage. IMONA expanded his team by including distinguished experts in animal science, animal nutritionist and veterinarians. In 2016, IMONA launched the KuzuFab Mobile Flock Manager (KuzuFab) system and tested in the case study farm within EU Project (iSAGE). The system detects alerts occurring in the farm and suggest for troubleshooting. KuzuFab was combined with Cloud Services compounded with Predictive Analytics Services for helping fine-tune flock management and improve operational excellence. KuzuFab is aimed at sheep farmers who need an easy to use “point and click” solution to keep legislative records, to attain operational guidance and build flock performance data.  The product supports for purchase, cull or breed decisions based on targets of flock performance.

Istanbul Technical University

Stakeholders, Service provider, ICT provider Turkey
Endre Dobos Digital soil mapping, traditional soil mapping, field soil science, precision farming

University of Miskolc

University Hungary
Giovanni Battista Lanza Consultancy for: Business Analysis, Business Planning, Business Development, Innovation Introduction and Development, European projects Auditing and Business Analysis development.


Network / partnership, Advisory organisation, Service provider, ICT provider Italy
Celil Serhan TEZCAN -precision agriculture -wireless sensor networks -multispectral cameras -uavs -ugvs -deep learning -semantic segmentation -ai at the edge

Tarsens Ar-Ge San.Tic.Ltd.Şti.

Advisory organisation, Service provider, Manufacturer, ICT provider Turkey
Mutlu SUBASI Our directorate works on a project basis that can be provided with the use of state budget or foreign resources. We designed an ICT-AGRI- FOOD Project about Marginal, Localised and Restricted Food Enterprises collaborate with Anadolu University. The project includes researching the needs of these enterprises, creating a mobile application to solve these needs, collecting statistical data and also dissemination. We are looking for project partners to observe implementations in your country, understand your enterprises' needs, share information and experiences and use intellectual outputs at the end of the project. We think that your organisation will add value to this project. If you accept a project partner, please contact us. Best Regards Mutlu SUBAŞI Food Engineer Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry E mail : or

Eskisehir Provincial Directorate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock

Ministry / public service Turkey
Sinan Ansen We are an interdisciplinary team consisting of agronomists, data scientists&analysts, GIS experts, electrical engineers, software developers and project managers. Our main areas of work are: - Analysing satellite imagery and automating GIS processes - Researching and developing crop phenology and disease models based on sensors and hyper-local weather data - Image process application for mobile photos (counting, classification) - Designing new hardware/software for the use of farmers

Doktar Inc.

Food chain, Service provider, Manufacturer, ICT provider Turkey