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Expertise: Digital soil mapping, soil and water conservation, geographic Information system, Remote sensing, precision agriculture, soil plant water relationships
Facility: - ICP
- Green house with computerAutamed (6000 m2)
- Atomic adsobtion spectrophotometer
- Spectroradiometer
- Soil moisture equipments:Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), Pressure mebrane, neutron meter, infrared thermometer
- Softwares of Geographic Information System: ArcGIS, Intergraph, ILWIS, ERDAS Imagine,
Expertise: Dr.Muharrem Keskin
- Farm machinery
- Power and machinery in agriculture
- Precision agriculture
- Sensors and control applications in agriculture
- GPS/DGPS applications in agriculture
Dr.Serap Gorucu Keskin
- Precision soil tillage
- Conservation soil tillage
- GIS applications in agriculture
- Farm machinery
- Power and machinery in agriculture
- Precision agriculture

Facility: - Research and application farms of Mustafa Kemal University (animal farm, field crops farm,...
Expertise: - Biostatistics, applied statistics, biometry, bioinformatics and animal breeding.
- Experimental designs and analysis.
- Design and Analysis of Experiments with Computer Applications (SPSS, MINITAB, SAS, STATISTICA, MATLAB and R program)
- Statistics

Facility: - Experimental designs and analysis
- Multivariate Statistics (Canonical Correlation Analysis, Principle Component Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Discriminant Analysis)
- Robust Regression Techniques (M-estimation, LMS, LTS, LAD...
Expertise: Agricultural Economics
Farm Management
Computer Applications in Agriculture

Facility: - Science Labs
- Engineering Labs
- Conference Center

Priority: - Agricultural Economics
- Renewable Energy
- Environment
- Training