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In terms of both teaching and research, this faculty contributes significantly to the development and evaluation of sustainable production techniques in agricultural and nutrition sciences, as well as to the preservation of rural areas and animal welfare, consumer and environmental protection. Its primary research focuses on the on-going development of theories and methods of agricultural and life sciences.
Its problem-solving, practically-based and process-oriented applied research focuses on...
Technology institutions, Network / partnership, Food chain, Advisory organisation, ICT provider
Software and ICT systems development in general: web technologies, .NET, database systems, embedded computers and sensors, distributed systems, big data, Internet of things (IoT), statistics, modelling, etc.
AgroTech transforms science into business through knowledge-based consultancy, technological services and innovation within the fields of: environment, plants and food. AgroTech creates ICT prototypes and solutions, by combining our ICT competences with the expert knowledge within these...
Network / partnership, Ministry / public service, Advisory organisation, Service provider, ICT provider